2016-06-08 - Added GUN_CONTROL echo.

2015-06-08 - Added TUXPOWER echo.

2014-09-21 - Removed FN_SYSOP echo per moderator request.

2014-01-01 - Added AFTERSHOCK echo.

2013-02-19 - Removed BNL.ALGEMEEN echo per moderator request.

2013-01-19 - Added echos:
2012-02-06 - Added echos:
2009-01-29 - Added echos:
2009-01-29 - OPML feed added. This contains a list of RSS feeds for all available echos. It can be imported into some feed readers, eg. Google Reader

2007-11-28 - Archive is back online at

2006-11-22 - Archive offline.

2005-07-15 - RSS support added. All echoes should now have their own RSS feed marked by the XML icon. Visit MSDN or Wikipedia for more information about RSS. Please contact me if you have problems with the feeds.

2005-06-06 - Added echos:
2004-09-01 - Removed echo ALL-POLITICS per moderator request.

2004-07-08 - Added echos:
2004-06-19 - Added echos:
2004-05-20 - Added echo:
2004-05-17 - New frames-based site layout.

2004-03-08 - Added echo:
2003-12-06 - Removed echo FIDO_SYSOP (private distribution).

2003-10-23 - Removed echos BBS_FEED and BBS_FILES (private distribution).

2003-05-23 - More echoes (too many to list) added. Most of them are active.

2003-05-18 - Added echos:
2003-05-17 - Added echos:
2003-05-17 - Active FidoNet echos are being archived in real time.

2003-05-16 - Hypermail has been retired from use, in favour of a PHP script which reads Squish message bases directly.

2002-10-19 - The FidoNet Echomail Archive is born. If you have any FidoNet echomail (in .PKT (FTS-1), .MSG (FTS-1), Hudson, Squish, JAM, Ezycom, Blue Wave, QWK, etc. format) that you would like to contribute to the project, please contact the maintainer. Messages you provide can be merged into the archive.