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From: Paul Edwards
To: rowan crowe
Date: 1995-04-25 13:41:04
Subject: don't like empty

PE>          10. The date format in the message will be Fido format,
PE>          not Seadog format.  Also please note that the Fido date
PE>          format in FTS-1 mandates that a leading '0' will be
PE>          present in days less than 10.

rc>     This is totally irrelevant to "Distinguishing user-entered
text". Why 
rc> is it still in the proposal?

Well maybe the title is a little misleading.  It should be
"Distinguishing user-entered text plus a couple of other miscellaneous
things", but I abbreviated it to "Distinguishing user-entered text"
for short.

BTW, the bit about x'8d' is also not strictly about SOT/EOT.

rc>     SOT/EOT is created by your editor, right? The date (in fido format) 
rc> will usually be created by your tosser.

I bet you that if my message editor creates an Fidonet date for
one message, and a SEADog date for another message, squish won't
change either of them.

rc>     As I said, totally irrelevant.

FTS-1 and FTS-4 are the best places to put some of the stuff,
but that requires there to be life, where there is none.
BFN.  Paul.

 * Origin: Kludging up the works (3:711/934.9)