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From: Daryl Stout
Date: 2006-04-29 10:59:00
Subject: BBS And Virtual Modem

ML> DS>   Can you provide details on that "virtual modem" that you're
ML> DS> using.

ML>it is Ray Gwinn's SIO serial port package for OS/2... yes, i'm still running
ML>Warp 3 Connect on the main system and specifically for this very reason...

  It figures...I'm running Windows XP.

ML> DS> Also, what BBS software are you running??

ML>i'm still running the last beta of RemoteAccess that i received from Bruce
ML>Morse, the new owner since several years...

  Yeah, I logged into the BBS...although lately, it sure has been SLOW.
I'm not sure if internet traffic is to blame or not.

ML>be going to anything m$ based, that is fer sure O:)

  Too bad M$ seems so shortsighted in these areas. :(

  Also, too bad the developer of COM/IP (marketed by Tactical Software)
got greedy that he started charging by ports has gotten
too expensive to worry about using. PCMicro has a deal now called Net
Serial, with a special price for Sysops. However, it won't work with
Synchronet. I found the DOSBOX utility, but am still having problems
getting some of the older games to, it may be a small command
line issue. I hope I don't have to move everything from one drive to
another (letter wise), or I've got a ton of reconfiguration to do.

  OLX 1.53  Do You Sysop, Take This BBS, to be your wedded spouse??
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