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From: Marty Blankenship
To: Jeffrey Stoodley
Date: 2006-01-31 23:03:38
Subject: Re: tradewars running on more then one n

|03Quoting message from |11Jeffrey Stoodley |03to |11All
|03on |1131 Jan 06  00:07:00|03.

JS> Anyone have a batch file setup for tradewars to run on multi-node? I have
JS> tedit set up for 3 nodes but only node1 will work at this time. I run the
JS> MAINT program and It says during the run : MULTITASK=YES, Anyone have any
JS> ideas?

Are you setting the enviroment variable when you load each node? You must use 
set twnode=(and the node number) so that the door knows what to look for.

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