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From: Desmond Robertson
To: Daryl Stout
Date: 2006-04-16 16:34:50
Subject: Add Ons For TW2002 Versio

  Re: Add Ons For TW2002 Versio
  By: Daryl Stout to MARK LEWIS on Sat Apr 15 2006 06:57 am

 >   And, to my knowledge, there is no utility to allow non-fossil doors to
 > run on a telnet BBS. If there was such a program...there'd be a lot of
 > demand for I know several Sysops who have several legacy BBS
 > doorgames that ran under dial-up, but can't under telnet...because of a
 > lack of a fossil driver.
ok I found sompthing I forgot wat it was it is a fossil of sort it fakes a
comport IE it make a VR port I have not played with it mutch jest read a little
about it in the docs it stats that if your program req a fossle use bnu or x00
with it if one is needed so it sounds like it would work for that too so you
could be a telnet without a fossle

Desmond Robertson Cipris

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