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From: Desmond Robertson
To: Daryl Stout
Date: 2006-04-16 16:31:36
Subject: Add Ons For TW2002 Versio

  Re: Add Ons For TW2002 Versio
  By: Daryl Stout to DESMOND ROBERTSON on Sat Apr 15 2006 06:37 am

 > Hi, Desmond...
 > DR> >   Are there any addons for version 3 of Trade Wars 2002,
including the
 > DR> > version?? If so, are they registerable shareware, freeware, etc.??
 > DR>Not that I know of but if you find some let me know so i can add them to 
 > DR>game right now I need to put up a test game with gold aleans to see how t
 > DR>AI works sens I cant edit them I want to see how agresive they play and s
 > DR>any hel there too would be nice
 >   I've posted messages both here, and in the TW 2002 forum at EIS
 > Online, and no one else seems to know of one, either. There is a Trade
 > Wars Game Server shareware game that one can set up, and run on a telnet
 > BBS (I have a connection to one such deal in the battle doors section of
 > my BBS), but that's not what I'm looking for.
 >   There was one such utility at one time called Trade Wars Services,
 > which was done by Tri-Write Development...with one done for version 2 of
 > TW 2002, and another one for version 3 of TW 2002.
 >   The thing is...version 2 of TW 2002 was NOT made with fossil support,
 > so it'll only work on a dial-up BBS, and NOT telnet. Version 3 of TW
 > 2002 WILL work under dial-up or telnet, as it was created with fossil
 > support. For Trade Wars Services, it had a fossil that one could choose
 > to use or disregard, depending on their BBS settings.
 >   The "rub" is that while I have the TW Services door to go
with version
 > 2 of TW 2002, I *LOST* the TW Services door that went with version 3 of
 > TW 2002 in a system crash years ago. Repeated efforts to locate it on
 > the Internet have so far been futile...and it appears that the authors
 > are long gone. :(
 >   No one seems willing to write such a utility for the game...which
 > would make the managing of colonists, commodities, fighters, credits,
 > mines, etc. much easier. I can write a batchfile, but my programming
 > ENDS at my VCR. :)
 >   I tried running the version I had, but it kept generating a runtime
 > 100 error in the directory for version 3 of Trade Wars...meaning that
 > "something was corrupted in the pointers". From what I remember, the
 > only change in the TW Services door for the different versions of TW
 > 2002 was for the player data fields. Cosmetically, there was no
 > difference between the two. Plus, for those who had registered TW
 > Services for version 2 of TW 2002, they could use the same key for TW
 > Services for version 3 of TW 2002.
 >   The "naming" of the file was rather confusing...
 > SERVEWB7.ZIP -- wide beta 7 of Trade Wars Services, for wide beta 8 of
 > version 2 of TW 2002. Tthis is the one I have, but it won't work with
 > the game on a telnet BBS.
 > SERVEWB8.ZIP -- wide beta 8 of Trade Wars Services, for version 3 of TW
 > 2002. This is the one that I need, and have been looking to obtain for
 > quite some time.
 >   If you, or anyone reading this, can help me locate this file, I would
 > greatly appreciate it...and I know many other Sysops would as well.
 > Daryl
ok I never had to evan patch my TW game to get it working. and I know the
goldserver will work standalown or with a rlogin so you can runn it as a door. 
but as a therd party server gos I know of now I run the dpi version jest like a
reguler door game. I will be checking your system out and see if we are on the
same page if we are then outch if not I will send you what I have it should
make your life a little esere in the long run.

Desmond Robertson Cipris

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