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From: Patrick Vittori
To: Mike Powell
Date: 2008-05-20 21:45:24
Subject: Old fashioned Trade Wars

Evenin' Mike,

 MP> |  I'm running Trade Wars v3.09 Gold on a DOS-based BBS available via
 MP> I noticed you mention that it is a DOS BBS?

 Heh... Am I "dating" myself by talking about DOS? <G> Actually, when
I purchased the rego for v3.09 Gold I was running Ezycom under OS/2
Warp4 (ok. -NOW- I'm dating myself. :-) and it was originally designed
for a DOS-based BBS system. AFAICT the _new_ TWars version -are-
designed for the server/Win operation, but the DOS ver of  3.09 Gold
is happily running here under XP Home. Amazing, huh??? <G>

 MP> I noticed you mention that it is a DOS BBS?

 Still running Ezycom, but thats due to being part of the Dev Team and
responsible for keeping the Docs up-to-date.

 MP> I thought that Gold was a 32-bit or Windows executable?  Do I have that
 MP> wrong?

 As I said above, mayhaps in "today's" it is.....

 Its a "Windows World" anymore. If you don't run Win, you don't do
anything, but I'm rebuilding an OS/2 machine for my BBS. I'm getting
tired of my anti-viral software constantly popping up while I'm
working/playing on the BBS telling me it needs updating (2-3 times a
day?!?!!). NOBODY writes viri for OS/2, and as a BBS box its pretty
damn solid.

 MP> Am I also right in thinking that Gold is only "available"
to registered
 MP> sysops?

 Skrittchin' the grey matter here... I rego'd v2.00 sometime around
Dec 1996-Jan 1997, Having v2.00 reg'd gave me a discount on the
upgrade to v3.09 IIRC. Don't see -why- you'd even have to be a Sysop
to rego. I believe the game _can_ be played in local mode without
needing a dropfile, but I'd have to verify that part. I'll dig around
in my backup CDs and see if I can find an original archive. What I
have installed here now came from a system backup back in 2000 and I
couldn't find the file. Some of the doc files seem to be missing. :(


... Escape Pod vs Dreadnought. I can capture it!

--- Ezycom V2.15g1 00F90258
 * Origin: The Shaman's Inn, where weird is normal (1:114/635)
SEEN-BY: 10/1 3 34/999 90/1 114/635 120/228 123/500 140/1 222/2 226/0 236/150
SEEN-BY: 249/303 250/306 261/20 38 100 1381 1404 1406 1410 1411 1418 266/1413
SEEN-BY: 280/1027 320/119 396/45 633/260 267 285 712/848 800/432 801/161 189
SEEN-BY: 2222/700 2320/100 105 200 2905/0
@PATH: 114/635 261/38 633/260 267

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