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From: mark lewis
To: Desmond Robertson
Date: 2006-04-17 07:56:22
Subject: Add Ons For TW2002 Version 3 (incl. Gold)

 >  DS>   Are there any addons for version 3 of Trade Wars 2002, including
 >  DS> the Gold version?? If so, are they registerable shareware,
 >  DS> freeware, etc.??
 > addons? in what way?
 > i remember some sort of "blackhole" "addon" that
allowed you to tie two
 > different TW games together and effectively make the universe larger but i
 > don't know what version(s) of TW it is/was for...
 > at least one of my TW games is also using the NPServer to play the
 > ferrengi well as the alientraders... i currently have them active 
 > only when a player actually in the game... i can also create other 
 > races and load more NPServer to control them... at one time, i saw a 
 > bunch but wasn't sure what to do to them into my setup...

 DR> black hole (mad hates univers exspander) it is for TW 2.x

yes, i believe so... sadly, it seems that my files areas have some of them
set to automatic maint and some old files have been purged :(  thusly, i've
lost the library of TW stuff i used to have :( :( :(

 DR> as for races  how do the gold alians paly compaired to the old ones

how do they play or how does the system control them?

on game play, there's no difference that i can see... you configure the
settings for them and let them have at it... now, one thing to remember
about my setup is that i'm running multinode and thus pretty
interactively... what i mean is that you may pop into a sector and see
another ship there but it may very well be gone by the time you react and
hit the attack button... i remember times that i've just sat and watched
the NPs running around... i can't say that i've ever seen any NPs attacking
other NPs, though...

as for how the system controls them... i'm running special servers for the
NPs... i think i could leave them off and the main game would also handle
them but i'm not sure... i would imagine that it would slow the game down,
somewhat... maybe too much... i dunno...

i've just BB's my 3.09Gold game and added a reptilian race and borg to it
in addition to the ferrengi and the alien traders... the alien traders act
kinda like a corp whereas all the others are configured as
"races"... i've looked and looked to try to find other's settings
for other races but have had no luck at all in locating anything on the


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