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From: Janis Kracht
To: Gary Perkins
Date: 2011-05-23 10:04:52
Subject: Howdy

Hi Gary,

>> For most of the time between now and then, I ran Gentoo.. then when that got
>> buggy I went to Ubuntu.. I have to say I hate it .. thinking about trying ou
>> funtoo.. someday when I have time :)

> Heh...  I started with Linux simply because it was a better network OS than
>Windows, and I did all kinds of internetting.

That was a factor for me as well.. knowing that Linux would handle many
things that OS/2 needed 'other programs' for :)

>Unfortunately, most of the time
> I only have one computer, and I don't see much point in dualbooting... and
> there's always the occasional software that I HAVE to run in Windows.
> (currently that would be Magicjack)

Ah.. understand.  I only use Windows for my embroidery sewing machine, and
for that, I use my windows laptop.  Using a desktop for that software would
be a pia since the embroidery machine is in another room :)

>I haven't used Gentoo, never heard of funtoo.  Ubuntu is OK, has great support
>and runs well, I just have to spend a day reworking and tweaking the desktop t
> my liking. :)

Gentoo was a great distribution IMO, until the fellow who originally
started the distribution was essentially forced out by a number of
developers.. He then started another distribution, named funtoo.. In my
experience, Gentoo's later developers just weren't careful enough with
their releases.  Ubuntu does run well, except for on this 64-bit Dell
system (Inspiron 531S).. I'm stuck at version 9.10 because they haven't
developed a kernal that will run on this machine past 9.10.  Luckily, v9.10
seems ok right now..

It's always a pia with linux distributions though, when you can't run
packages in later releases, say like php, or whatever.. that hasn't
happened here yet, thank goodness :)

I may back this system up one day, and try a fresh install of the latest
version of Ubuntu.. that might make a difference..

Take care,

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