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From: echicken
To: Zazz
Date: 2019-06-10 17:19:30
Subject: Webv4 and Connecting to Game Servers

  Re: Webv4 and Connecting to Game Servers
  By: Zazz to All on Sat Jun 08 2019 10:40:51

 Za> Going to my synchronet web and logging in and try to connect to either one
 Za> I get this message:
 Za> Invalid Rlogin Door. Both of these game servers are not on standard 513
 Za> port and I suspect that might be the problem.\

The remote server's port isn't a problem if you can connect to it when you're
on your BBS via telnet.

When you launch a game via the web UI, the browser connects to your BBS via
rlogin via the websocket proxy service.  The 'terminal-type' string for the
rlogin session is set to a custom value to identify the game that should be

It's likely the problem is with nested rlogin sessions.  Synchronet is probably
passing your terminal type string along to the remote server.  The remote
server probably inspects that value looking for the name of a game to launch,
and doesn't recognize what it's getting.  That's my guess anyway.

If the remote server is only for a single game, or a games menu, then they can
fix this by not using the terminal-type string for anything.

You may be able to unset the terminal type string prior to initiating the
rlogin connection to the remote server:

- Copy exec/rlogin.js to your mods/ directory
- Edit mods/rlogin.js
- Locate the line that reads: bbs.rlogin_gate(argv[0], flags);
- Above that line, insert this:
  bbs.rlogin_terminal = '';
- Try launching the game via the web UI

That might work.  You might need to do "console.terminal = '';" instead, or
both.  I am not sure if these values are writable.  DigitalMan would know.

If that does work, it's not the greatest solution and we can refine it from

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