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From: echicken
To: HusTler
Date: 2019-06-03 10:44:50
Subject: Headline News

  Re: Headline News
  By: HusTler to Nightfox on Fri May 31 2019 15:37:22

 Hu> old information but rss IS old. I'm wondering why feeds on Synchronet have
 Hu> been abandoned? Even google dumped RSS. I can't remember why. I'd like to

Not sure what you mean by "feeds on Synchronet have been
abandoned".  We have
modules for importing messages from an RSS feed, or exporting messages to an
RSS feed.  Nobody has asked for additional functionality that I can recall, or
reported any bugs recently.

 Hu> been abandoned? Even google dumped RSS. I can't remember why. I'd like to
 Hu> get everything I need in one place. It bothers me to have to go out to the
 Hu> web just to get the latest headlines. I couldn't get any of the scripts I

I was annoyed when Google retired Reader, but presumably it wasn't popular
enough to make it worth their while.  Or they couldn't find much of a way to
make money off of it.

There are a lot of reasons why publishers and advertisers would rather suck you
into a website than let you get everything via RSS.  Sucks for the users, but
that's life.

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