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From: Android8675
To: Digital Man
Date: 2019-05-30 07:10:20
Subject: Re: sync on ipad

  Re: Re: sync on ipad
  By: Digital Man to Mortifis on Wed May 29 2019 01:25 pm

 DM> Re: Re: sync on ipad
 DM> By: Mortifis to Digital Man on Wed May 29 2019 04:43 pm

 > >> Re: Re: sync on ipad
 > >> By: Mortifis to DaiTengu on Mon May 27 2019 01:12 pm

 > > >> type scenario .... even SBBS on a raspberry pi is iffy
since it is
 > > >> not necessarily designed to uptime indefinitely ... just sayin

 >> Just meant that , IMHO, a raspberry pi isn't really designed to run
 >> forever like a PC, even a class 10 SD card will become corrupted
 >> eventually. 

 DM> I don't think that's the fault of the rPi though, is it? You could always
 DM> attach a USB SSD or hard disk and use that for your writable storage. 

I don't know of ANY storage medium that doesn't have a finite life span. I mean
think about, it Physical disk mechs fail, magnetic media loses it's ability to
be magnetic, Solid States give out over time (lose ability to retain data), as
do smaller SD cards and what have you.

I mean lets go into any compoent... CPUs fail, RAM fails, serial controllers
fail, etc.

I think the beauty of all this open source stuff is you can run programs on
just about any type of hardware that's capable... I think a rPi could easily
"run forever", and if it doesn't there'll be something else you
can slap your
data onto and there ya go... a good disaster recovery plan is what you should
consider, but honestly it's a BBS...


... It works better if you plug it in.

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