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From: HusTler
To: Nightfox
Date: 2019-05-31 15:37:22
Subject: Headline News

From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet

  To: Nightfox
  Re: Headline News
  By: Nightfox to HusTler on Fri May 31 2019 09:19 am

 Hu>> discontinued? I don't remember why? I also found this cute python
 Hu>> script written for mystic that pulls from a CNN rss feed. Is there
 Hu>> away to run a python script in synchronet?

 Ni> Synchronet doesn't have any built-in support for Python. Depending on how
 Ni> the Python script works though, if the script just dumps an article to a
 Ni> file, perhaps a script could be written to read that file and post it on a
 Ni> Synchronet message sub-board. It sounds like that script is probably
 Ni> written for Mysitc though, so it probably wouldn't be quite that easy.
 Hu>> Can a python script be converted to Javascript?

 Thanks for the replies. I've Been playing with this RSS stuff all day. A lot
old information but rss IS old. I'm wondering why feeds on Synchronet have been
abandoned? Even google dumped RSS. I can't remember why. I'd like to get
everything I need in one place. It bothers me to have to go out to the web just
to get the latest headlines. I couldn't get any of the scripts I found
working. Are rss feeds still in xml? Feeds were the craze back in 06-07. What
happened? Smart Phones? I'm thinking about putting a disclaimer on my logon
screen. "Whatever you're looking for it ain't here. It's on some damn app on
the web. LOL

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