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From: Digital Man
To: Va7aqd
Date: 2019-06-01 14:11:12
Subject: Changing message base options

  Re: Changing message base options
  By: Va7aqd to All on Sat Jun 01 2019 01:25 pm

 > Howdy all!
 > Couple of questions about changing message base options along the way:
 > - Is it dangerous or will anything negative happen if I change the storage
 > method from one type to another?

You can't go from Hyper-allocation to another storage method without
deleting the message base data files. From the SCFG F1 help screen:

Hyper Allocation is the fastest storage method because it does not
  maintain allocation files at all. Once a message base is setup to use
  this storage method, it should not be changed without first deleting
  the message base data files in your data/subs directory for this

And if you try to change from Hyper Allocation to another storage format:
Ί Delete all messages in this sub-board? Ί
Ί ³Yes                                   Ί
Ί ³No, I want to use Hyper Allocation    Ί

 > - When turning on message base compression, is there any way to have Synchro
 > compress everything in the message base that's already there?


 > I'm not sure
 > if this is something that would be handled automatically, but I don't see a
 > directly relevant option in smbutil.

There is no option to compress the messages already stored and frankly,
that feature (LZH compressed message bases) is kind of obsolete today, not
often used, and likely to go away in the future.

                                            digital man

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