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From: echicken
To: HusTler
Date: 2019-05-30 22:35:30
Subject: Headline News

  Re: Headline News
  By: HusTler to All on Thu May 30 2019 21:27:31

 Hu> Ok.. I know I'm a little behind here so go easy on me. I remember not too
 Hu> long ago the Dovenet "Debate" msg area carried CNN
headline news. Or was I
 Hu> really drunk?? Anyway.. what ever happend to that? Why was it

There used to be posts from "CNN Breaking News" and then
"CNN News Alert" in
DOVE-Net Debate, but this seems to have stopped back in January.  I believe
they originated as email messages (to an address mapped to the Debate sub on
Vert).  Maybe CNN discontinued or altered this service.

 Hu> written for mystic that pulls from a CNN rss feed. Is there away to run a

 Hu> BBS? Why not? Has a script like this ever written for Synchronet? Ok..

I made a thing years ago called web_feed_importer.js which I think is in the
exec/ directory, if not in your installation then in CVS.  I believe it still
works with RSS or Atom feeds.  I think there are some instructions at the top
of the script; I don't remember documenting it anywhere else.

If RSS were more prevalent/relevant today I'd probably revise that thing, as
I've recently gotten a better understanding of the XML parser available here,
and there are some other things I'd make it do.  Doubt if it's worth the time,
but maybe I'll think about that.

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