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From: Zazz
To: DesotoFireflite
Date: 2019-06-10 07:55:38
Subject: Re: Webv4 and Connecting to Game Servers

 De>  Za> Telnet to my synchronet bbs and I connect with no problem. 
 De>  Za> Going to my synchronet web and logging in and try to connect to eithe
 De>  Za> I get this message:
 De>  Za> Invalid Rlogin Door. Both of these game servers are not on standard 5
 De>  Za> port and I suspect that might be the problem.\
 De>  Za> However I really don't know. Anyone have a suggestion?
 De> Since one of these is my game server, send me your setup info. I'm not
 De> haveing any issues on this end, and it looks like you logged in ok on
 De> 6/9 at 11.22 am

That connection was using netrunner to connect to your system.  No issues
when I connect to my bbs using netrunner.  It is when I go to and login via http and then go to the games and try to
connect with either yours or mine is when I will get that Invalid Rlogin Door

If you still wish I send my setup for your gamesrv, let me know.

Ruben Figueroa aka Zazz
Mystic Prison Board Sysop

--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A43 2019/03/03 (Windows/32)
 * Origin: Mystic Prison Board*Mesquite Tx* (1:124/5014)
SEEN-BY: 19/33 103/705 124/5013 5014 5015 5016 154/10 203/0 221/0 1 6 360
SEEN-BY: 229/426 240/5832 261/38 280/464 5003 320/219 387/21 396/45 423/120
SEEN-BY: 633/0 267 280 281 384 410 412 509 640/1321 1384 712/848 770/1
SEEN-BY: 2452/250 3634/12 31999/99
@PATH: 124/5014 396/45 280/464 221/1 640/1384 633/280 267

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