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From: Nightfox
To: HusTler
Date: 2019-05-31 14:27:46
Subject: Headline News

  Re: Headline News
  By: HusTler to Nightfox on Fri May 31 2019 03:37 pm

 Hu> old information but rss IS old. I'm wondering why feeds on Synchronet have
 Hu> been abandoned? Even google dumped RSS. I can't remember why. I'd like to

I saw Digital Man's reply where he said he was getting CNN emails and had a
script to post them on Dove-Net, but they stopped coming in.

What do you mean by "Google dumped RSS"?  I remember Google
having an online
RSS reader that they discontinued.  Google seems to discontinue a lot of stuff
that are semi-popular.  Google Wave and Google Plus are a couple other
high-profile things that Google discontinued.

 Hu> It bothers me to have to go out to the
 Hu> web just to get the latest headlines.

You'd rather log into your BBS to get headlines? ;)  I don't think that would
necessarily be much simpler/easier.

 Hu> found working. Are rss feeds still in xml? Feeds were the craze back in
 Hu> 06-07. What happened? Smart Phones? I'm thinking about putting a
 Hu> disclaimer on my logon screen. "Whatever you're looking for it
ain't here.
 Hu> It's on some damn app on the web. LOL

RSS never went away.  You can still use an RSS app and subscribe to RSS feeds
if you want to.

I don't mind going to the web for news stories.  Sometimes I visit for
news stories.  Late last year I finally created a Reddit account and have
subscribed to some subs there for news.  My Android phone also has an app
called SmartNews that I actually kinda like for showing news from multiple


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