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From: Zazz
To: echicken
Date: 2019-06-11 15:49:20
Subject: Re: Webv4 and Connecting to Game Servers

 ec> When you launch a game via the web UI, the browser connects to your BBS
 ec> via rlogin via the websocket proxy service.  The 'terminal-type' string
 ec> for the rlogin session is set to a custom value to identify the game
 ec> that should be launched.
 ec> It's likely the problem is with nested rlogin sessions.  Synchronet is
 ec> probably passing your terminal type string along to the remote server. 
 ec> The remote server probably inspects that value looking for the name of a
 ec> game to launch, and doesn't recognize what it's getting.  That's my
 ec> guess anyway.
 ec> If the remote server is only for a single game, or a games menu, then
 ec> they can fix this by not using the terminal-type string for anything.
 ec> You may be able to unset the terminal type string prior to initiating the
 ec> rlogin connection to the remote server:
 ec> - Copy exec/rlogin.js to your mods/ directory
 ec> - Edit mods/rlogin.js
 ec> - Locate the line that reads: bbs.rlogin_gate(argv[0], flags);
 ec> - Above that line, insert this:
 ec>   bbs.rlogin_terminal = '';
 ec> - Try launching the game via the web UI
 ec> That might work.  You might need to do "console.terminal =
'';" instead,
 ec> or both.  I am not sure if these values are writable.  DigitalMan would
 ec> know.
 ec> If that does work, it's not the greatest solution and we can refine it
 ec> from there.

Well I tried the first suggestion of the "bbs.rlogin_terminal =
'';"  That did
not work.  Added the "console.terminal - '';" that did not work.   So then
removed your first suggestion and that enabled the connection to be made.  I
also tested the others I had that used rlogin and they all worked.

Key response sometimes lagged, but I am assuming it is unrelated to my
connection problem.

Thanks echicken

Ruben Figueroa aka Zazz
Mystic Prison Board Sysop

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