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From: HusTler
To: Nightfox
Date: 2019-06-05 13:35:50
Subject: Avatar in Header?

From Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet

  To: Nightfox
  Re: Avatar in Header?
  By: Nightfox to HusTler on Tue Jun 04 2019 09:31 am

 Ni> How far do you want to go with that? With the avatar chooser
 Ni> module/script, users can create their own avatar with it too (at least,
 Ni> that feature existed at one point). So you don't necessarily have full
 Ni> control over that. What if a user creates an avatar for themself that you
 Ni> don't like? 

 I don't want to mess with a users avatar. I want a "default"
avatar message
header for blank avatars. You're on Fsx. No Avatars right? So the all the
headers are blank. If there was a "default avatar" for the
message area when I
set the are  up I could use it.Let's say I shrunk down the Fsx Ansi down to 10
columns (just an example). I could use that as a "default avatar"
for my Fsx
Group (on My BBS). If someone was on my BBS and had there own avatar that's the
avatar that would be displyed. Only posts and replies without avatars would
display the "default avatar" it's wasted space.. why not use it. This
is only for SysOps using "stock" synchronet boards. Not SysOps that
mode their own headers.Fidonet, Fsxnet do not allow avatars. At least I would
know what group I'm in at a glance if there was a "default avatar" for the
group. This is all the SysOps choice. I think a lot of work has been done on
the synchronet avatars. Why not utulize them? SysOps could make their own and
use them. That's just my opnion.. I could be wrong...;-) Oh.. DDMsgReader would
not be effected as far as I can see.

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