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From: Nightfox
To: HusTler
Date: 2019-06-04 09:31:44
Subject: Avatar in Header?

  Re: Avatar in Header?
  By: HusTler to mark lewis on Mon Jun 03 2019 07:32 pm

 Hu> Yes sir. Those are personal avatars. I was thinking of default avatars for
 Hu> Group Areas or Message Areas that don't permit avatars or are not
 Hu> synchronet boards.

I'd wonder if people might (at least initially) think the user actually chose
that avatar, not realizing it's a default avatar for the message
sub-board/group.  The avatars were intended as a user-chosen representation of
the user.  But, some online message boards to have default avatars..

 Hu> As a SysOp I should have full control over what is seen on my own BBS. No?

How far do you want to go with that?  With the avatar chooser module/script,
users can create their own avatar with it too (at least, that feature existed
at one point).  So you don't necessarily have full control over that.  What if
a user creates an avatar for themself that you don't like?


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