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From: Nightfox
To: rswindell
Date: 2019-04-16 12:40:14
Subject: src/sbbs3/scfg/scfgxtrn.c

  Re: src/sbbs3/scfg/scfgxtrn.c
  By: rswindell to CVS commit on Thu Apr 11 2019 05:11 pm

 rs> scfgxtrn.c 
 rs> Log Message:
 rs> Define and use a new external message editor option: SAVECOLUMNS
 rs> (default: off) - when enabled, the current terminal width (columns) will
 rs> be saved in the msg header.
 rs> When using the internal msg editor or raw intput mode, the columns are
 rs> always saved in the message editor. fseditor.js should have this option
 rs> enabled. In SCFG, this option is called "Record Terminal Width".

I have enabled this option for my local dev copy of SlyEdit.  I tried writing a
test message to myself with a 132-column terminal and then reading it with an
80-column terminal.  My message had a few lines and didn't seem to be wrapped
properly - The 2nd line was wrapped significantly less than the 80-column width
and the rest of the line was on the next line.  Should this setting work with
local messages, or is it only for messages being shared via QWK and other
networked areas?

My local development copy of SlyEdit allows using the whole width of the
terminal for the message and wraps as such and saves each line as its own line.
I'm wondering if it needs to save each paragraph as one long line?


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@PATH: 103/705 280/464 712/848 633/280 267

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