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From: Jason Vierik
To: Jack Sargeant
Date: 2003-01-19 17:01:52
Subject: Bitch about something

  Re: Bitch about something
  By: Jack Sargeant to TODD COCHRANE on Sat Jan 18 2003 01:44 pm

 >  TC> Best be scared of the vans with no antennas :)
 > Nah! They (The FCC) all have antennas. ...At least one, usually 2 co-phase
 > jobs.

Co-phase??  for CB?  I think the FCC are smarter than to do that..  They
hardly even monitor CB anymore..  Ham radio and broadcast stuff now..  Cb is a
free band, pretty much anymore.

At least it is around here where I live.

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