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From: Dan Dubrick
To: All
Date: 2003-07-09 02:01:00
Subject: 7\03 ESA - Visit Europe's space image banks

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European Space Agency

Press Release

Visit Europe's space image banks

3 July 2003
Looking for images of space? The selection of photos available to ESA
Portal visitors has now been enhanced by the addition of a new
service - a gateway to national galleries. This is an entry point to
the image galleries of the space programmes of many of ESA Member
States as well as Canada, as this country has a cooperation agreement
with ESA. 
Maybe you are looking for an image of Jupiter, a European astronaut
or would like to see what a future launcher could look like; or
perhaps you want to cover one of the many areas helped by European
satellites such as telemedicine, navigation or monitoring volcanic
eruptions. The chances are, whatever subject you are interested in,
if there is a connection with space then images can be found either
in ESA's own Multimedia Gallery or in the gallery of one of its
Member States. 

ESA provides the links to national galleries as a service to Web
Portal visitors. These sites are external to the ESA Web Portal and
ESA is not responsible for their content. For copyright issues and
any other queries, please check the terms and conditions on the
national site or contact them direct.


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