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From: Dan Dubrick
To: All
Date: 2003-06-13 23:47:00
Subject: 6\10 France - CNES and Alcatel Space position AMC-9 satellite

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Paris, June 10th 2003

CNES and Alcatel Space position
AMC-9 satellite

CNES's Toulouse Space Centre is positioning the AMC-9 satellite
launched atop an ILS Proton rocket (International launch Services) on
the morning of 7 June 2003 on behalf of Alcatel Space and its
customer, US operator SES AMERICOM, a SES GLOBAL company.

The AMC-9 satellite, manufactured by prime contractor Alcatel Space,
is built around a SPACEBUS 3000B3 satellite bus.

CNES will now conduct positioning operations from its Toulouse
control centre to take the satellite from its initial transfer orbit
to an intermediate geostationary orbital slot at 81.9 West for
system testing, before moving to its final operational location at
85 West, pending FCC approval.

The Toulouse Space Centre took charge of AMC-9 orbit control
operations after separation from the launch vehicle.

Operational facilities

The AMC-9 satellite will be tracked by a network of stations across
the globe. Control teams will communicate with the satellite via
C-band links from earth stations in Perth (Australia), Fucino
(Italy), Clarksburg (United States) and Paumalu (Hawaii).

The Toulouse Space Centre is in charge of coordinating the stations
and performing satellite control operations and manouvres with
support from space industry experts.

Satellite positioning operations will be carried out by a joint
CNES-Alcatel Space team overseen by CNES.

CNES has already successfully positioned 42 geostationary satellites,
but AMC-9 is the first this year.

Press contact:

Eliane Moreaux - phone : 05 61 27 33 44 - fax: 05 61 28 21 47

E-mail: eliane.moreaux{at}


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