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From: Dan Dubrick
To: All
Date: 2003-07-12 23:32:00
Subject: 7\08 ESA - Beagle 2 Tests Successfully Completed

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European Space Agency
Science News Release 6-2003
Paris, France

8 July 2003

Beagle 2 tests successfully completed

On Friday 4 July, and Saturday 5 July 2003, engineers successfully
carried out overnight tests on the Mars Express lander, Beagle 2.

Ground controllers at the European Space Agency's Operations Centre
in Darmstadt, Germany, contacted Mars Express at the weekend to carry
out the tests on the lander, which were rescheduled from two weeks
ago. These functional tests included uploading software and switching
units on and off. 

With these tests, the near-Earth phase of the Mars Express payload
check-outs is almost complete. All instruments, including the lander,
have performed as expected. Star calibration of some instruments is
scheduled for mid-July, which marks the first attempt to make
scientific measurements. This will also be done in the same way when
nearer to Mars. 

Rudi Schmidt, ESA Mars Express Project Manager, said: "This check-out
was a marvellous example of complete cooperation between ESA's Mars
Express and the Beagle lander teams Another major milestone has been
achieved successfully. What a fantastic feeling!"

For further information please contact:

Rudolf Schmidt, ESA Mars Express Project Manager
Tel: +31 (0)71 565 3603


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