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From: Dan Dubrick
To: All
Date: 2003-05-30 00:37:00
Subject: 5\20 Ariane-5, flight-161, update

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Flight 161
May 20: BSAT-2c arrives at the Spaceport

Preparations for Arianespace's upcoming Flight 161 have moved into
full swing following the BSAT-2c satellite payload's arrival at the

The spacecraft was flown into Cayenne's Rochambeau International
Airport May 13 aboard a cargo airliner.

Protective covering on the satellite's shipping container included
signatures of workers at spacecraft manufacturer Orbital Sciences
Corp., along with a drawing of an Ariane 5 and a good luck message
for the launch. 

The production of BSAT-2c, which began at Orbital's Virginia
facility, is part of a series for Japan's Broadcasting Satellite
System Corporation (B-SAT) to provide direct-to-home digital
high-definition television throughout Japan.

After its arrival at the Spaceport, BSAT-2c was moved into the
massive S5 satellite preparation facility, where final checkout began
with electrical tests.

BSAT-2c is designed for an operational lifetime of 10 years, and it
will be positioned 110 degrees East over Borneo with coverage over
all of Japan. 

The satellite is based on Orbital Sciences' Star-1 platform, and will
have a mass at launch of 1,300 kg.

Liftoff of Flight 161 with BSAT-2c and Australia's Optus and Defence
C1 remains on schedule for early June from the Spaceport's ELA-3
launch complex.


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