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From: John D.Wentzky
To: Ray Fischer
Date: 2007-03-31 03:56:18
Subject: Re: Court keeps pro-liar literature distribution at Michigan school

From: "John D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}>

In news:460e0434$0$14057$742ec2ed{at}, Ray Fischer
<rfischer{at}> typed:
> John D.Wentzky <johndwentzky{at}> wrote:
>> Ray Fischer <rfischer{at}> typed:
>>> John D.Wentzky <johndwentzky{at}> wrote:
>>>> Ray Fischer <rfischer{at}> typed:
>>>>> John D.Wentzky <johndwentzky{at}> wrote:
>>>>>> How does charging for speech satisfy freedom of speech
>>>>>> requirements?
>>>>> Nobody is charging you for speech.
>>>> Bullshit, you liar.
>>> Quit whining.
>>>> I am charged for interent access,
>>> Not for speech.
>>>> for cable and satellite television
>>> Not for speech.
>>>> and for
>>>> newspapers, magazines, textbooks, etc.
>>> Not for speech.
>> You are an idiot.
> You are a convicted criminal who is now facing another set of serious
> charges who is also a loser who hasn't had a job in over a decade.

And, I say God damn all you crimnals and liars to that. And, I deserve for
all you criminals to be damned.

> I have a family, a well-paying job, money in the bank, and I've never
> even been arrested.

Do you mean aborting in utero humanity pays well?

> Just looking at that much evidence I'd say it's pretty clear who the
> idiot is.

You, and every person who has committed criminal acts against me.

>> Those are all forms of speech
> No, dumbshit, NONE of them are speech.

Bullshit, you idiot.
Even your compadres claim it is free speech when they are slapped with a lawsuit.

> They are all methods of transmitting speech and information, but none of
> them is speech.

Sorry, idiotic loser thieving asshole. They are all forms of speech and
none of them are free.

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