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From: tirebiter
To: J Young
Date: 2007-03-30 07:24:38
Subject: Re: POLL: Should students be allowed to conceal their identity with rel

From: "tirebiter" <dontspamme666{at}>

On Mar 27, 1:04 am, "J Young" <youngopini...{at}> wrote:
> We asked you if public schools should be able to order students to
> remove religious headgear, if the garment conceals the student's
> identity. Find out how your fellow readers responded.
> asked you:
> Should public schools require students to remove religious headgear
> that conceals their identity? You said:
> Yes - 81.15%
> No   - 18.85%
> The results are clear and obvious for all to see; Americans oppose
> religious headgear in school.

Hmm.  Sounds like an anti-Muslim rant.  I would suggest that you take this
out of alt.atheism, where all religious practices (Christian, Jewish,
Muslim, etc) are considered equally ridiculous and unnecessary.  If you
have to cross-post, add a Muslim group.  And what does it have to do with
an abortion news group?  Sorry for the netcop rant, but I don't see the
point of this post at all, except for the systematic exclusion of one
religious group by another.

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