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From: Robert
To: CafeWriter
Date: 2007-03-30 10:27:26
Subject: Re: POLL: Should students be allowed to conceal their identity with rel

From: Robert <robpar{at}>

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 03:19:51 GMT, "CafeWriter"
<cafewriter{at}> wrote:

>"Venceremos" <serwad{at}> wrote in message
>> On Mar 27, 1:04 am, "J Young" <youngopini...{at}> wrote:
>>> We asked you if public schools should be able to order students to
>>> remove religious headgear, if the garment conceals the student's
>>> identity. Find out how your fellow readers responded.
>>> asked you:
>>> Should public schools require students to remove religious headgear
>>> that conceals their identity? You said:
>>> Yes - 81.15%
>>> No   - 18.85%
>>> The results are clear and obvious for all to see; Americans oppose
>>> religious headgear in school.
>> Stupidest thing I ever heard: Many muslim and Jewish and Christian
>> women wear the same types of headscarves
>Um no, I disagree with you.  I'm a Christian woman and I don't wear any
>headscarves.  Which planet are you from?
  Careful now Many doesn't mean all, and many Christian women, wear
scarves, and hats often with veils. Not as much as 60 years ago, my mother
would not go outside without covering her head. Sometimes just a scarf,
some times a bonnet she had dozens of hats, a few that had veils. We were
Methodist, my wife seldom goes outside without a head cover. Recently she
has started wearing a ball cap, for causal wear. Kinda cute.

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