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Date: 2007-03-31 23:32:18
Subject: Pat Robertson's Fundie Cadres in the Bush Regime

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Pat Robertson's Fundie Cadres in the Bush Regime

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The Huffimgton Post - Mar 30, 2007

Monica Goodling, One of 150 Pat Robertson Cadres in the Bush Administration

by Max Blumenthal

Monica Goodling, a previously unknown Justice Department official who
served as liaison to the White House, has become a key figure in the
Attorneygate scandal. When newly released emails revealed the prominent
role Goodling played in engineering the firing of seven US Attorneys,
Goodling pled the Fifth Amendment, refusing to testify under oath.

Josh Marshall writes that Goodling may be "afraid of indictment for
perjury because she has to go up to Congress and testify under oath before
the White House has decided what its story is."

Goodling's involvement in Attorneygate is not the only aspect of her role
in the Bush administration that bears examination. Her membership in a
cadre of 150 graduates of Pat Robertson's Regent University currently
serving in the administration is another, equally revealing component of
the White House's political program.

Goodling earned her law degree from Regent, an institution founded by
Robertson "to produce Christian leaders who will make a difference,
who will change the world." Helping to purge politically disloyal
federal prosecutors is just one way Goodling has helped fulfill Robertson's
revolutionary goals.

Regent has assiduously cultivated close ties to the administration and its
Republican outriders. Gonzales's predecessor, John Ashcroft, is currently
cooling his heels at Regent as the school's "Distinguished Professor
of Law and Government." Christian right super-lawyer Jay Sekulow, who
also teaches at Regent and shares a Washington office with Ashcroft,
participated in regular briefings with the White House on court
appointments. In 1998, he leased a private jet through Regent to fly
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to speak at the school's 20th
anniversary (Though Sekulow regularly argues cases before the Supreme
Court, he apparently did not view hobnobbing with Scalia as an ethical

When the Bush administration came into power, it looked to Regent for a
reliable pool of well-groomed Republican ideologues eager to wage the
culture war from the inside. The former dean of Regent's Robertson School
of Government, Kay Coles James, was promptly installed as the Director of
the Office of Personnel Management.

According to her bio, from 2001 to 2005, James was "President Bush's
principal advisor in matters of personnel administration for the 1.8
million members of the Federal civil service." In that role, James
rolled back the power of unions in the federal sector. Now that she's out
of government, James is back among her Christian right allies, appearing
frequently as a guest on James Dobson's Focus on the Family radio show.

Another Regent figure who impacted White House policy is Jim David, the
current Assistant Dean for Administration in the Robertson School of
Government. David was inserted in the Justice Department in 2003 as yet
another sop to the Christian right; he served as deputy director of the
department's Task Force for the Faith-Based & Community Initiative.

Since leaving the DoJ, David has spent a considerable portion of his spare
time writing opinion pieces that appear on Regent's website. One of his
most noteable screeds, penned in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, described a
bright spot in the destruction of New Orleans. "We do not grieve,
however, for the flooded and destroyed sex clubs that filled men with lust
and degraded women," David wrote. "We do not miss the casinos
that preyed upon individuals whose lack of self-control deprived families
of needed food and shelter. We do not lament the destruction of voodoo
stores prevalent in New Orleans before the flood."

At Regent, Goodling was drilled in the importance of unflinching loyalty to
the Republican program. Once in the Justice Department, she proved an able
cog in the Bush administration's political machine, meeting with Republican
activists in 2006 to help plot the firing of New Mexico's prestigious US
Attorney David Iglesias, a fellow Republican who "chafed" against
administration initiatives.

But as scrutiny of her actions intensifies, the evangelical Goodling must
resort to the 5th Amendment -- man's law -- to avoid breaking the biblical
commandment against lying. Only the goodly and godly Pat Robertson could
have prepared her to make such a decision.

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