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From: Smiler
To: duke
Date: 2007-03-31 23:04:40
Subject: Re: Question for duke: Why does god hate amputees? (Re: Contraception:

From: "Smiler" <Smiler{at}>

"duke" <duckgumbo32{at}> wrote in message
> On 30 Mar 2007 16:05:32 -0700, "Rudy Canoza"
> wrote:
>>> >>>>> People who have lost limbs pray to have
their intact limb back, or
>>> >>>>> to
>>> >>>>> grow a new one.
>>> >>>> You're kidding............right?
>>> >>> No, duck, I'm not.
>>> >> No, you can't possibly be serious.
>>> >Yes, puke, I am serious,
>>> No, you can't be serious.
>>Completely serious, puke.
>>> You've never met a person that did that.
>>How would you know, puke?
>>We *both* know that at some time, an amputee prayed sincerely to be
>>whole again.
> There's always a onesie or twosie.  All Christians know that God gives us
> what
> we need, in prayer, and not what we want.

More puke bullshit.
Hark, the sound of bagpipes approaching on the double!

How do you know what *all* xtians believe? There's millions of them and
*you* know the mind of *every one* of them? Puke, you don't even know your
own mind, so how the fuck could you know what the rest of xtianity
How do you *know* that only one or two xtian amputees prayed for their
limb(s) to grow back?
Have you ever asked any of them? Or are you just bullshitting as usual?

The godless one

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