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From: old man joe
To: All
Date: 2007-04-01 06:53:54
Subject: There are but two kinds of people on earth... Romans 9:18

From: old man joe <not{at}>

  " So then He has mercy on whom He desires, and He hardens whom He
desires. "  Ro. 9:18


  make no mistake about it, the Christ hater; the Atheist; the
Evolutionists; the cow worshiper; the Virgin Mary worshiper and everyone
else God calls " swine; dogs; unreasoning animals " and such,
have not been shown mercy... these, God " hardened. "

  so what does it mean when God says He " " hardens " whom
desires " ?

  the English dictionary defines ' harden ' exactly as the Greek
dictionary defines ' harden. '  ( the Bible is it's own dictionary and the
Bible student must always be cautious when consulting any other source as
to the meaning of the words God uses in His Word...

  the elect agree with the prophet when he says, " The sum of Thy Word
is Truth " Ps. 119:160.  it is not written so of Webster's Dictionary
or Strong's or Thayer's or the Pope or Ellen G. White, or the History
Channel or the Pentecostals claiming their ' tongues ' are God's Word, or
Charles Darwin, etc; etc. )

  Webster defines ' harden ' as :

  1. a : stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing  ( as in Joh. 8:43,44 )

      b : hardened in feelings.  ( as in Joh. 5:40 )

  2. resistant to persuasion or softening influences.
      ( as in Joh.3:19 )

     when the Bible says in Ro. 9:18 that  " He hardens whom
He desires, "  it does not mean God makes man a sinner... Heb. 3:13
defines the source of man's hardening is caused by " the deceitfulness
of sin " which man freely chose to do by way back in the Garden of
Eden... we are all born with the sin of Adam ( yes, even the Virgin Mary )

  God's hardening of someone as meant in Ro. 9:18, the chapter of
which speaks to the Sovereignty and power of God over man in election,
simply illustrates again that God does the choosing of man in election (
v.10 - 13 ) and by passing over someone for election unto eternal life thus
God, by His Sovereignty and impartiality, is said to " harden "
whom He desires... He simply passes them by for salvation leaving them to
themselves to continue on in obedience to Satan...

  whom all men freely chose to do in Adam, in the first palce.

  this rubs the flesh of the Fundamentalist Universalist Arminian the
wrong way... ( Ro. 9: 10-13 ) that salvation is entirely out of their hands
and is entirely in God's hands because their Creed of worldly wisdom is
built upon the sovereignty of man.  taking the glory for the doing from
Jesus Christ and boasting they saved themselves is the gospel of Satan...
who's been trying to remove Christ from the glory due Him since the Garden.

  these have adopted Satan's gospel and actually believe ( assent )
it and preach it.  as long as these get at least some of the glory for
helping Christ save them, they're happy... just like Satan. but thanks be
to God in Christ that " salvation belongs to the Lord " Ps. 3:8

  when God ' hardens ' someone it's simply the result of man's own
doing and God's unwillingness, for reasons known only to God, to leave that
person to himself... passing him by for mercy.

  because man hardened himself by " the deceitfulness of sin " ( Heb.
3:13 ) when he freely chose to obey Satan in the Garden rather than God,
who forewarned him not to take from the Tree and eat, and because God's
election to salvation is strictly His business ( Ro. 9:10 -13, ) one can
understand then how time and time again in Exodus, as the apostle refers to
it ( v. 17, ) that God " hardened " Pharaoh's heart so that he
will not let the Israelites go " except under compulsion. "

   interestingly enough, before Moses ever reached Pharaoh, Jesus
Christ, who is The Angel of the Lord Himself, the One who spoke to Moses
from the burning bush, ( Jg. 13:18 cp. Ps. 139 cp. Ex. 3:2 ) was told that
He would ' harden ' Pharaoh's heart ( Ex. 3:19 - 4:21 ) so that by so
doing, the Great Name of God would be proclaimed in all generations... as
it is to this day.  Ex. 9:16 cp. Ro. 9:17

  just as God forewarned Adam before he spurned God, so did Pharaoh,
who was also forewarned before he spurned God.  Ex. 5:1,2 the deceitfulness
of sin in man spurns the gospel today as well... 2 Cor. 4: 1-4

  that Pharaoh, being self-inflated with all the pride of his
glamorous life style as king over such a land as Egypt still is to this
day, should be approached and commanded by the Lord God through what
Pharaoh perceived as a horde of nobodies, was simply too much to ask...

  much as John the Baptists call from God to baptize was perceived by
the Pharisees.

  the pride that goes before a fall is all that is needed as the means
to prove ' handedness ' in the hearts of reprobates... as God uses the evil
in man as the means to further His purpose... Acts 2:23.

  though God causes His rain to fall on just man's farm as well as on
the reprobates farm,  the just man counts this grace as a gift of God while
the reprobate accredits such to evolution, exposing those who have been
shown mercy and those who are hardened.  1 Joh. 4:6


" and as many as had been appointed to eternal life, believed." Acts 13:48

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