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From: Dionisio
To: All
Date: 2007-04-01 14:08:02
Subject: Chocolate Jesus Causes Stigma

From: Dionisio <moc-rr-thgisni{at}>

Chocolate Jesus Causes Stigma
by May Day-DuJour

2007, April 01 -- (Christian Bombast Network) In what is being decried as the largest
insult to the Christian religion since the theory of Heliocentrism, a coven
of lesbians
claimed today that they had become pregnant by the penis of the infamous
"Chocolate Jesus."

Catholic Legion president Billy "Belladonna" Hough, gnashed his
teeth at a hastily feigned
press conference. "We are ashamed and outraged at this publicity
stunt!" he said with a
purple-tinged face and eyebrows tensed to the point of explosion.

"This is below 'below-the-belt' and smacks of Satanism," he
continued before clutching his
chest, falling to the floor, and slurring something that sounded vaguely
like "rall nish
on on."

Fellow Legionaries quickly surrounded him and proclaimed that he was
speaking in tongues.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Bennett, of Concerned Womanizers of America, said,
"Mmm... White

Elsewhere, a representative of Robert's Illegitimate Son, stated that
"The End is near!"
and that a meteor would soon strike.

The creator of the controversial "chocolate Jesus," Cosimo
Cavallaro, was unavailable for
comment. Calls to his home were answered by an automated message which
declared, in part,
"I can't *come* to the phone right now..." and then devolved into
a fit of hysterical
laughter lasting an annoying number of minutes before the beep.

Queeries to the Vatican were not immediately returned.

And the Thought of the Moment (TM) is:

Come to think of, isn't sanity just a one trick pony anyway? What do you
get? Sanity. But
when you're insane, the sky's the limit!
-- The Tick, "Ants in Pants"

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