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From: bob klahn
To: Mike roberts
Date: 2009-05-22 10:43:00
Subject: Dialogue with Orthodox

 MR> In light of the Papal visit to the Holy Land, I was
 MR> wondering how others feel about current dialogue with the
 MR> Orthodox? Not to offend anyone, and not that I have real
 MR> High Hopes, but I wish the talks would be more fruitful. I
 MR> feel that both sides of the church if they were ever to
 MR> Unite again would have a lot to offer and to teach each
 MR> other, as well as teaching other Churches.
 MR> Just curious how everyone else feels. Having been a member
 MR> of both churches, it saddens me that they are in the state
 MR> they are in.

 Well, that state has lasted a millenium. It seems to feed on
 very trivial issues. Both are of ancient lineage, both are
 decended from the exact same historical and theological line.

 The Roman Catholic Church recognizes the legitimacy of the Greek
 Orthodox sacrements, I don't know about all the other orthodox
 churches, but I suspect they are all linked. There is at least
 one Orthodox church that is part of the Roman Catholic church.
 The Byzantine church has it's own branch in the US, Pittsburg is
 one center, I believe St Louise is another. The Greek Orthodox
 church of Romania is also in union with Rome.

 It would be good if all these churches could find the common
 basis to be in union.

BOB KLAHN bob.klahn{at}

... Practicing Catholic, someday I may be good at it.
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