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Date: 2007-05-15 09:10:00
Subject: inquinisition results ?

TA>How many lives were terminated in the middle ages inquisitions please?

TA>Stay young. OldAck

Which inquisitions?

The Spanish Inquisition (which was really a political organ of the
state) is estimated to have killed some 3 to 5,000 -- considerably less
than died for religious reasons in England in the same period.

The Spanish Inquisition kept detailed records -- but the Spanish
archival system filed papers by size, not by date, subject and so on.
Since paper sizes weren't standardized, a 3-page document might be filed
in three different places.

Only with the coming of the desktop comuter and data bases has it been
possible to slowly catalog the contents of the various Spanish archives
so researchers can use them with some efficiency.

I recommend "The Spanish Inquisition," by Henry Kamen, Yale University
Press, IBSN 0-300-07880-3.
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