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From: Dionisio
To: Patriot Games
Date: 2007-03-30 22:14:54
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent HomosexualCivil

From: Dionisio <moc-rr-thgisni{at}>

Patriot Games wrote:

> "Dionisio" <moc-rr-thgisni{at}> wrote:
>>Well... No. I take that back. Thank you for noting that you do not hold
>>Apostolic virtue higher than homosexuality.
>>Oh course, Someone Else, might demand an explanation...
> You're confusing matters in our material life here on Earth with other
> stuff.

Considering that it is the material life which apparently dictates the afterlife, one
fails to see how they could be considered anything less than intimately related.

> I'm part of the 96% of humans who ISN'T a fag so the notion of me being in
> the closet is pretty silly....

Yes, I've noticed your reticence to follow that certain item.

> Which reminds me, how is it an atheist has an opinion on
"Apostolic virtue?"

Oh, I'm worse than an atheist. I'm a secular humanist.

As for the opinion... Golly, could it have something to do with observing
His self-proclaimed followers?

(Are you *sure* you won those alleged lawsuits?)

And the Thought of the Moment (TM) is:

I am a homosexual and I have an agenda. To wit;

        To live my life with dignity.
        To be free of oppression.
        To care for my mate.  (23 years now in my case)
        To be able to earn an honest living.
        To be a good citizen.
        To care for my fellow human beings.
        To make a positive contribution to my community.
        To partake of equal opportunity.
        To be free to express my views.

And all I ask is that I am allowed to do these things.

Seems there is a contingent in our society that is so afraid that if I am
allowed to do
these things, they will lose their very souls...
-- Alienbro{at} (Dustin Hood), 24 Jul 1995

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