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From: Andrealphus
To: Patriot Games
Date: 2007-04-01 18:53:40
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent Homosexual Civil U

From: "Andrealphus" <NOTAREALEMAIL_2{at}FAM.NET>

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Crazy_Bastard{at}, typed this:

> "Andrealphus" <NOTAREALEMAIL_2{at}FAM.NET> wrote in message
> news:SccPh.132665$_73.78632{at}
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>> Crazy_Bastard{at}, typed this:

>>>> They are most certainly logical flaws in the story.
>>> But they are invisible, since you can't find them....
>> I've already found them.  Perhaps the bible blindness is yourse.
> You didn't find one....

Of course I did.

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