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From: Codebreaker{at}
To: Olrik
Date: 2007-03-31 06:58:12
Subject: Re: It Is Called The Whites House For A Good Reason

From: "Codebreaker{at}" <Codebreaker{at}>

On Mar 30, 2:05 am, "Olrik" <olrik...{at}> wrote:
> On Mar 29, 1:29 pm, "Codebrea...{at}"
> <Codebrea...{at}> wrote:
> > It is called the Whites House and Blacks House for reason.
> > There is no room therein for Obama Black Demon-Crap.
> > Read my lips. There is no room for Obama.
> > Down with the Demon-Craps, they have indeed befriended
> > Homosexuals, gays , Lesbians, abortion, Feminists, Family destroyers,
> > Evolution and have rejected
> > the Glorious SCIENCE
> Your problem is that you're an ignorant, hypocritical pseudo-xian
> without a shred of decency and dignity (meaning that your behavior
> contradicts the essence of the "book" you allegedly believe in...)

Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahhhahaahha LOL What do you know about
my book? Nothing. This is not the ORIGIN OF THE ENDANGERED SPECIES BY
DARWIN the only book you can comprehend

> I'd like to think that there was a "pill" for you, but short of a
> brain transplant, you're toast.

Pill for you????? Don't you rely on Evolution to get better, to improve?
And you still think evolution HAPPENED? I pity you

> Olrik

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