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From: Codebreaker{at}
To: What Me Worry?
Date: 2007-03-31 06:52:22
Subject: Re: It Is Called The Whites House For A Good Reason

From: "Codebreaker{at}" <Codebreaker{at}>

On Mar 30, 3:38 am, "What Me Worry?" <__{at}____.___> wrote:
> <Codebrea...{at}> wrote in message
> news:1175192977.644774.174630{at}
> > It is called the Whites House and Blacks House for reason.
> > There is no room therein for Obama Black Demon-Crap.
> > Read my lips. There is no room for Obama.
> > Down with the Demon-Craps, they have indeed befriended
> > Homosexuals, gays , Lesbians, abortion, Feminists, Family destroyers,
> > Evolution and have rejected
> > the Glorious SCIENCE
> Despite Bush and Neocons "hard work" attempting to destroy the Bill of
> Rights; you are still entitled to express your opinion in this wonderful
> country, where people of all races and religions coexist peacefully.  As
> bigoted as you are, no wonder you're angry.
> I see that you're posting from a public library. Are you homeless?

 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL
It is funny how the mindless system of Capitalism and Individualism have
destroyed the sense of common good in Americans. If posting from a public
Library means Homelessness then all the Librarians
are homeless...and all the Fultons County residents are homeless. It is sad

> resolves to
> ""

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