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From: Rowland Croucher
To: All
Date: 2007-04-01 13:30:34
Subject: April: Key Website Articles

From: Rowland Croucher <rccroucher{at}>

Hi friends, on a very pleasant April Fools' Day Sunday, in Melbourne, Australia)

Here's the first of these mail-outs from my Mozilla Thunderbird email
program (I got tired of Microsoft Outlook Express seizing up - and once
exploding, causing half my folders to disappear without trace!)

One of the fascinating exercises I engage in occasionally is to find out
who visits what John Mark Ministries website articles when... After
midnight (my time) 105 people, including, no doubt, some 'last-minute'
pastor-preachers read the Palm Sunday sermon at So hopefully a number of
congregations benefited. And a growing number are also Googling for a Good
Friday sermon. Here's the most popular, based on the movie The Passion of
the Christ - .

Liberal Christian Huston Smith has written a brilliant book titled The Soul
of Christianity, in which he attempts to explain Christianity in a way just
about everyone will accept. Quite a challenge! Two excerpts:
'If Jesus had not been followed by Paul, the Sermon on the Mount would
have evaporated in a generation or two'. 'The Christian worldview
compressed into a sentence: the world is perfect, and the human opportunity
is to see that and conform to that fact'. More provocation:

Can you pass the Religious Literacy Test? Try it at

On a lighter note, here's a screen-full of  'Ponderisms' (like 'There are
two kinds of pedestrians, the quick and the dead'). More -

Some Australian Islamic clerics believe it's OK to cheat on taxes - . For much more on Islam/terrorism
etc. - from many points of view - see etc.

Is the worldwide Anglican communion about to break up?

Is it ever right to kill? Conservative commentator Bill Muehlenberg takes
on his critics -

A very moving poem about drought and suicide -

Review of Alan Hirsch's provocative/radical new book on the church (The
Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church) -

Humor again: how do you explain the sex of cats to a child (in public???) -

For those of you who have sons, did you know that a king-size waterbed
holds enough water to fill a 2000 sq ft house 4 inches deep? More -

Finally, for others like me who play with Google, try this: put John Mark
(just those two words) into that search facility and discover something
quite interesting :-)

Have fun!


Rowland Croucher

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