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From: Patriot Games
To: Andrealphus
Date: 2007-03-30 18:07:36
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent Homosexual Civil U

From: "Patriot Games" <Crazy_Bastard{at}>

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>>>>>>>>>> "Dionisio"
<moc-rr-thgisni{at}> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>>> Patriot Games wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> Because I KNEW Lott DIDN'T
commit incest....
>>>>>>>>>>>> I always prefer to have a
liar out themselves by they
>>>>>>>>>>>> themselves
>>>>>>>>>>>> posting that which traps them....
>>>>>>>>>>> Now this should be
fascinating. Do tell how one has sex with
>>>>>>>>>>> one's
>>>>>>>>>>> daughters without >
committing incest.
>>>>>>>>>>> (Don't forget to out yourself, liar.)
>>>>>>>>>> He was raped, he was unconscious.
>>>>>>>>> He was unconscious, yet conscious
enough to maintain an
>>>>>>>>> erection, but not conscious enough to
recognize is own
>>>>>>>>> daughter. I think the entire story was
written by the villiage
>>>>>>>>> idiot.
>>>>>>>> Thanks for sharing...
>>>>>>> Can you at least attempt to address the
logical flaws in the
>>>>>>> story?
>>>>>> There are no "logical" flaws in the story.
>>>>>> The story says he was unconscious.  So he was
unconscious. Nothing
>>>>>> illogical there.
>>>>>> He apparently had a boner.  That's not physically
impossible. Nothing
>>>>>> illogical there.
>>>>>> There are no "logical" flaws in the story.
>>>>>> By the way, the "but not conscious enough to
recognize is own
>>>>>> daughter"
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> something YOU made up, its NOT in the actual
story.... Unconscious is
>>>>>> unconscious.
>>>>>   If Mr. Lott was drunk, it would have made virtually no
>>>>> difference who
>>>>> or what he was plugged into.
>>>> No if, he WAS unconscious.
>>>   Passed out drunk does not a sturdy erection make.
>> Prove its impossible.

Prove its impossible.

>>>>> Hebrew proverb:  The blood used to erect a penis drains directly
>>>>> from the
>>>>> brain.
>>>>> It's also possible that the daughters assaulted their father in
>>>>> darkness,
>>>>> pretending they were succubusses on a holey mission
from The Devil.
>>>> Who cares what's possible?  We have the story. We don't have more
>>>> than the
>>>> story, we don't have less than the story, we have that story.  The
>>>> story says what it says.
>>>   If the story doesn't add up, do we still buy it?
>> Prove the story doesn't "add up."
> Ask your physician.

I did.  She says I'm wasting my time talking to fags on the internet....

>>> For example, 8
>>> attorneys allegedly got fired for "poor
performance", but their
>>> previous periodical reviews indicated just the opposite.   Do we buy
>>> it ?
>> Why do losers always try to change the subject?
> Why do idiots always believe bible stories?

Ahhh...  So this is REALLY about you wanting Nazi-like control over the
personal and private beliefs of other people?

Let me share with you what I've re-learned during this weeks-long Thread
about Fags and Athiests.  The notion that a Fag is merely a normal person
with a different sexual orientation is entirely wrong.  Whatever the
genetic mutation is, that eventually results in an abnormal sexual
orientation, it begins at the earliest stages of the development of the
human brain in the fetus in the womb and directly affects large portions of
the development of the conscious mind and human personality.

Its apparent to me that Fags almost entirely lack that set of emotions and
emotional responses beginning with what we call "Love" and
extending to everything as mundane as basic kindness.

What might be thought of as gaps or missing places in the personality of a
Fag are actually personality characteristics that are extensions of what we
would normally call "Hate" and this extends to everything as
mundane as basic dislike.

So, in addition to an abnormal sexual orientation Fags have an abnormal
absence of "Love," and related emotions, and an abnormal presence
of "Hate" (and related emotions).  Naturally, this makes for an
individual genetically incapable of existing in any society dominated by
Normal people.  And, just as naturally, this is why Fags need to infiltrate
Normal human society.  And this also explains why fags, who can't
successfully live as themselves by themselves, currently are trying to
change all of Normal human society to accomodate them.

That most Fags are Atheists isn't a surprise since the practice of male and
female faggotry is shunned, if not banned outright, by every major religion
of the world.

The single odd characteristic is that Fags and Atheists treat Normal people
exactly the same way.  This clearly demonstrates the fact that Atheists
have personality characteristics that developed in exactly the same manner
as Fags - which makes one wonder if all aberrant personalities are, in
general, genetic mutations.

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