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From: Paul Duca
To: Patriot Games
Date: 2007-03-30 21:31:06
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent Homosexual

From: Paul Duca <p.duca{at}>

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Crazy_Bastard{at} wrote on 3/30/07 2:07 PM:

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>>>>>>>>>>> "Dionisio"
<moc-rr-thgisni{at}> wrote in message
>>>>>>>>>>>> Patriot Games wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Because I KNEW Lott
DIDN'T commit incest....
>>>>>>>>>>>>> I always prefer to
have a liar out themselves by they
>>>>>>>>>>>>> themselves
>>>>>>>>>>>>> posting that which
traps them....
>>>>>>>>>>>> Now this should be
fascinating. Do tell how one has sex with
>>>>>>>>>>>> one's
>>>>>>>>>>>> daughters without >
committing incest.
>>>>>>>>>>>> (Don't forget to out
yourself, liar.)
>>>>>>>>>>> He was raped, he was unconscious.
>>>>>>>>>> He was unconscious, yet conscious
enough to maintain an
>>>>>>>>>> erection, but not conscious enough
to recognize is own
>>>>>>>>>> daughter. I think the entire story
was written by the villiage
>>>>>>>>>> idiot.
>>>>>>>>> Thanks for sharing...
>>>>>>>> Can you at least attempt to address the
logical flaws in the
>>>>>>>> story?
>>>>>>> There are no "logical" flaws in the story.
>>>>>>> The story says he was unconscious.  So he was
unconscious. Nothing
>>>>>>> illogical there.
>>>>>>> He apparently had a boner.  That's not
physically impossible. Nothing
>>>>>>> illogical there.
>>>>>>> There are no "logical" flaws in the story.
>>>>>>> By the way, the "but not conscious enough
to recognize is own
>>>>>>> daughter"
>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>> something YOU made up, its NOT in the actual
story.... Unconscious is
>>>>>>> unconscious.
>>>>>>   If Mr. Lott was drunk, it would have made virtually no
>>>>>> difference who
>>>>>> or what he was plugged into.
>>>>> No if, he WAS unconscious.
>>>>   Passed out drunk does not a sturdy erection make.
>>> Prove its impossible.
> Prove its impossible.
>>>>>> Hebrew proverb:  The blood used to erect a penis
drains directly
>>>>>> from the
>>>>>> brain.
>>>>>> It's also possible that the daughters assaulted
their father in
>>>>>> darkness,
>>>>>> pretending they were succubusses on a holey
mission from The Devil.
>>>>> Who cares what's possible?  We have the story. We
don't have more
>>>>> than the
>>>>> story, we don't have less than the story, we have that
story.  The
>>>>> story says what it says.
>>>>   If the story doesn't add up, do we still buy it?
>>> Prove the story doesn't "add up."
>> Ask your physician.
> I did.  She says I'm wasting my time talking to fags on the internet....
>>>> For example, 8
>>>> attorneys allegedly got fired for "poor
performance", but their
>>>> previous periodical reviews indicated just the opposite.   Do we buy
>>>> it ?
>>> Why do losers always try to change the subject?
>> Why do idiots always believe bible stories?
> Ahhh...  So this is REALLY about you wanting Nazi-like control over the
> personal and private beliefs of other people?
> Let me share with you what I've re-learned during this weeks-long Thread
> about Fags and Athiests.  The notion that a Fag is merely a normal person
> with a different sexual orientation is entirely wrong.  Whatever the genetic
> mutation is, that eventually results in an abnormal sexual orientation, it
> begins at the earliest stages of the development of the human brain in the
> fetus in the womb and directly affects large portions of the development of
> the conscious mind and human personality.
> Its apparent to me that Fags almost entirely lack that set of emotions and
> emotional responses beginning with what we call "Love" and
extending to
> everything as mundane as basic kindness.

        Does Games "love" any female who doesn't get on her back for him?


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