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From: Dionisio
To: Attila
Date: 2007-03-30 21:15:42
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent HomosexualCivil

From: Dionisio <moc-rr-thgisni{at}>

Attila < wrote:

> Prove any god ever had any word.  or even existed.

Well, I once ate some leftover spaghetti and ended up having to take Pepto.
While there
weren't any words -- per se -- the displeasure of a certain deity was
clear, and made me
consider that the Pastafarians might be on to something.

And the Thought of the Moment (TM) is:

If God is such a loving deity, why the apparent need to kill off sinners
before they would
have died naturally? If He was truly loving, wouldn't He allow them every
opportunity to
repent? By killing them, He has sent them directly to Satan, His enemy. Would a truly
compassionate being allow -- even dictate -- that their children be
tortured mercilessly?
Think about it.
-- Dionisio, 1993

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