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From: Gloria
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Date: 2007-03-31 18:38:28

From: gloriakc{at} (Gloria)

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Word From Yerushalaim
Simantov Allalouf

Rabbi Reveals name of Messiah
Last year one of Israel's leading kabbalah rabbi's died at the age of
106.=A0Before he died he said=A0that he had recently met the Messiah.=A0He
told his disciples that he would leave a written note with the mystery code
of the identity of the Messiah written out.=A0 And he had them promise that
this note was not to be opened until one year after his death.
His funeral last spring 2006, in Jerusalem, drew a few hundred thousand
Orthodox believers, and the traffic on the streets of Jerusalem was blocked
up for hours.=A0=A0
It=A0is now=A0a year later, and the note has been=A0opened, and in it
there=A0were six words in Hebrew, stating, "He will lift the people
and prove that His Word and Torah are valid." Taking the first letter
of each of these six words (which was the code) spelled out the name
"Yehoshua", a form of=A0Jesus name in Hebrew.
The chief editor Aviel Schneider of Israel Today, a Jerusalem Messianic
magazine, just released this story in their latest (April 2007) issue.=A0
Aviel Schneider did the interviews and the write up on this story.=A0 The
phone number for Israel Today in Jerusalem is 972-2-622-6881, and Aviel
Schneider's email is aviel{at}

What a break through story!

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<html><body bgcolor="white"
Lord's Triumphant Entry</a><br><br><img
<i>~ May my prayers be set before God like incense; may the lifting up
of my hands be like the evening sacrifice. Therefore, in view of God's
mercies, I offer myself as a sacrifice, living and set apart, holy and
pleasing for God.....for I am to God the aroma of His Son, Yeshua the


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