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From: h.c
To: All
Date: 2007-04-01 09:54:46
Subject: Sound of Trumpet Christian Morality: Christian Radio Host Sentenced Dru

From: "Yang, AthD (h.c)" <eacmole{at}/*AWOLBUSH*/>

Yep, that vaunted Christian moral superiority

The former host of a Reno radio talk show, who admitted laundering money
from a marijuana farm with a fictional lease, faces federal sentencing
today in a plea agreement aimed at avoiding the maximum 20 years in prison.
"He is not a danger to others," wrote the Rev. Bob Daugherty,
pastor of the Reno Baptist Temple who became Floyd's friend in 1990.
"I know him to be a faithful husband, involved in community affairs,
active in church, speaker at our school graduations and generous in helping
of others."

a.a. #28
AthD (h.c.) conferred by the regents of the LCL a.a. pastor #-273.15, the
most frigid church of Celcius nee Kelvin EAC Econometric Forecast and
Sorcery Division

The Bush 'balanced' budget:             -3 trillion and worsening
The Bush 'economic' policy:             12.5 million FEWER jobs than Clinton
and counting
The Bush Iraq lie:                      -3245 GIs, one friend's co-worker's son
and mounting

Having Bush fuck up my country:         Worthless

newsgroups Yang promises not to revenge post in response to
Sound-of-Trumpet's bullshit:

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