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From: Dionisio
To: Andrealphus
Date: 2007-03-31 13:58:00
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent HomosexualCivil

From: Dionisio <moc-rr-thgisni{at}>

Andrealphus wrote:
> Dionisio at moc-rr-thgisni{at}, typed this:
>>Andrealphus wrote:
>>>Not to mention the fact that not all Communists are atheists.   I'm
>>>sure that is another factoid that PG didn't get from his preacher.
>>That's not exactly a safe assumption, you know.
> Why not?

Because he may have. It's not like the religion is known for its quality
control efforts...

Someone says, "I believe," there's a ritual involving water, and
then -- so long as the
collection plate doesn't come back empty -- someone's a Christian. That's
how it is at
just about any church you could care to mention. And while most Christian
sects do try to
insure their priests are literate, there are still many that rather
stridently insist that
their leaders spout gibberish...

In some congregations one could drop in a dozen stoned teenagers and not be
able to tell
the difference between them and the other folks at the service.

Read a paper. Observe how long it takes -- or doesn't take -- before some
minister is sued
for divorce; Scan for the embezzlement stories, there are several each year. After a
while, a "my child was baptized against my wishes" will appear.
Those seem to come on
three year cycles. Some quack decides to say that everybody who jumps into the pond,
river, or water park is now a member of their faith...

Go to a prison. Ask the inmates their religion.

I tell ya, there's no quality control at all.

(Hell, there's even a convicted child molester who runs a
"prison outreach program.")

Finding a "Christian" who actually makes the teachings of the
Bible and Jesus part of
their life is about as rare as reading of someone being killed by a meteor.
(Which, one
may note, happened in February in Mongolia and involved several members of a nomadic
tribe.  No word on their faith though.)

And the Thought of the Moment (TM) is:

What are all these homophobes REALLY afraid of?  Catching gayness? The
answer of course
is: YES.

(Brought to you by SigChanger.

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