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From: bob klahn
Date: 2009-05-29 19:47:00
Subject: National Health Care.

Original by John Wilson
Forwarded from Debate Echo.

->  BB>> Medical cost is just outrageous - they claim about 330
->  BB>> bucks per person covered. Ton of money when you consider it
->  BB>> is both active and retired people.

->  bk>  Per year? Per month? $330/yr is not bad.

-> Per month.  My sister pays Kaiser more than that for absolute minimum
-> coverage.

Holy mackeral. I wish somebody, somebody would tell the truth
about medical care. Around the world. My taxes here in
Canada-land paid for several medical excursions over the last 45
years...a few days ago I called for an appointment with 'my'
doctor..."Would you like to come in tomorrow?" --and all I hear
in these parts about the waiting lines you always get in
Canada-land' The Health Care Industry in the U.S. of A. is under
the control by those seeking profits before patients. No
politician dare say them nay in the USA. 'Single payer' is NOT
'socialized medicine' There are more private-practice physicians
in Canada, which is the norm than in the States, where the
tendency is to have large corporate medical centers... I AM
prejudiced. My brothers death in California was due, in my
opinion, to niggardly tardy and poor treatment by
'medicare'...and I would be dead three times over if  My problems
were not caught in time. Clinton was dead in the water over
health reform -- by congress. Obamas try may be better but is
still iffy due to truly Orwellian coverage of American current
medicine for ordinary folks. Bah. Durn. Drat. Grrr.

  One of my former co-workers told me that the premium for
-> him, his girlfriend and his kid would be $750/month if he could afford
-> it; that was something more than half his take-home pay.

Good lord.

There seems to be a lot of opinion based on pre-formed prejudice--I'm not
particularly knowledgeable about the details and the complexity of medical I say...personal experience causes MY prejudice.

BOB KLAHN bob.klahn{at}

... Jesus was born in a manger because Joseph belonged to am HMO.
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