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From: The Chief Instigator
To: John D.Wentzky
Date: 2007-03-30 09:34:38
Subject: Re: Court keeps pro-liar literature distribution at Michigan school

From: The Chief Instigator <patrick{at}>

"John D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}> writes:

>In news:szkd52qeu1e.fsf{at},
>The Chief Instigator <patrick{at}> typed:
>> "John D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}> writes:

>>> In news:9cpo03977k467tcnr2n0dkqhai438p7d53{at},
>>> Douglas Berry <penguin_boy{at}> typed:
>>>> On  Thu, 29 Mar 2007 15:51:11 -0400 there was an Ancient "John
>>>> D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}> who
stoppeth one in
>>>> alt.atheism
>>>>> In news:1175192005.583773.107660{at},
>>>>> KTBpylon{at} <KTBpylon{at}> typed:

>>>>>>> Satellite and cable television are currently
in violation of
>>>>>>> Freedom of Speech.

>>>>>> No, they aren't.

>>>>> How does charging for speech satisfy freedom of speech
>>>>> requirements?

>>>> Johm first of all, the First Amendment on stops the government from
>>>> muzzling your freedom of speech. Private companies can and do set
>>>> policies restricting what employees may say while on the job.

>>> Who cares about your illegal ideas that go against Freedom of SPeech?

>> It's just a coincidence that the courts have upheld policies you're
>> ranting about.

>>> You, but not many others.

>> Definitely not the billions of others in your defective head.

>Oh. So you are admitting that billions are being stolen from.

Thanks for continuing to confirm that you can't understand what you read.

>>>> Next, charging for a service does not violate anyone's freedom of
>>>> speech.

>>> Charging for speech automatically makes that speech disqualified
>>> from being considered free speech.

>> Cite?

>What school for idiots did you attend?

Cite, or be regarded as a liar.

>>> You know I am right.
>>> Why are you resisiting?

>> It takes very little to conclude that you are right on your way to
>> spending the rest of your life in a state-operated funny farm...if
>> you're lucky.

>You resorting to luck again?

You obviously have no need for it.

>>>> The companies are providing a service, you are free to
>>>> partake of it or not.

>>> There is no right to charge for speech in the Constitution.

>> There's no right for you to be insane in it, either.

>Is that why you, as an insane person, think you have no rights?

I'll be sure and pass this on to the Solicitor, as well.

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