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From: The Chief Instigator
To: John D.Wentzky
Date: 2007-03-30 09:25:56
Subject: Re: Court keeps pro-life literature distribution at Michigan school

From: The Chief Instigator <patrick{at}>

"John D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}> writes:

>In news:szklkheeucp.fsf{at},
>The Chief Instigator <patrick{at}> typed:
>> "John D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}> writes:

>>> In news:tuoo03pshat7plrj6bksskru6s692hkdrm{at},
>>> Douglas Berry <penguin_boy{at}> typed:
>>>> On  Thu, 29 Mar 2007 17:22:54 -0400 there was an Ancient "John
>>>> D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}> who
stoppeth one in
>>>> alt.atheism

>>>>> The charges must be legitimate for it to make it to court.

>>>> They are.

>>> They aren't, you idiot.

>> Your word is worth almost .001 of an old Turkish lira, these days.

>>>>> The charges are false.

>>>> That will be decided by a jury.

>>> You really think the cops want the tape of them beating me going to
>>> trial? It is not necessary for me to stand trial.

>> Really?  Tell THAT to the nice judge.  I'm sure s/he will appreciate
>> that laugh.

>What judge, idiot?

The one who will preside over your trial, of course.

>>> Giovanni mugged me from behind and more cops beat me after that.
>>> I was defending myself against an unwarranted attacker.
>>> I was fully within my rights at law every step of the way.
>>> Giovanni and the cops who attacked me are guilty.

>> They don't seem to see it as you demand of the rest of humanity.

>It doesn't matter how they see it.

Not to you, but reality doesn't pay mind to your delusions.

>The video proves me innocent and the law renders them guilty.

Be sure and get back to us after you're convicted.

>>>> Honestly, after hearing testimony from the police and seeing you on
>>>> the stand, I'd expect a guilty verdict in
>>>> under an hour.

>>> What you expect and what the law dictates in this case are in
>>> opposition.

>> More correctly, what you demand and what's reasonable are what are
>> 180 apart.

>Not even close, tax leech mafia spy associate.

Lay off the psychotropics, son.

>You forgot you are Pro-choice again.

I've only been pro-choice for 38 years.

>You idiot!

Given your lack of perception, that's as close to a compliment as anyone
will ever get from you.

>>>>> I had to defend myself against an ignorant offended
youngster cop
>>>>> who had no idea how to treat someone who broke no law and who is
>>>>> old enough to have sired him.

>>>> So, you admit you resisted arrest?

>>> I did NOT resist arrest, you cowardly idiot.
>>> I complied with every legitimate action of every police officer.
>>> I never resisted arrest.
>>> I defended myself against the illegal use of force of the junior,
>>> disrepsectful, puffed up asshole cop named Giovanni and the cops who
>>> beat me.

>> Once the video of the arrest (if it exists) is entered into
>> testimony, we'll know more about just how divorced from reality you
>> are.

>What you need to learn is how divorced from reality you are.

I'm not the one whose name is on four warrants.  You are.  (I don't think
you're going to be allowed out of state while waiting for your trial,
either. 22 million Texans can sleep better for that.)

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