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From: GeorgeWashingtonAdmirer
To: All
Date: 2007-03-30 17:24:44
Subject: Cardinal Mahoney prefers you don't see this ... MUST-SEE/SHARE VIDEO: 3

From: GeorgeWashingtonAdmirer <guybannister58{at}>

 Do NOT expect the mainstream corporate media to ever show The People these
videos (no time to -- gotta run that special report on Anna Nicole Smith!)

brunanb{at}  wrote:

Holy moly!

Some other stuff I found:



"The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave" by Heather MacDonald

See the COLOSSAL costs of illegal aliens to the American taxpayer:
"Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" ("For The Race
everything, for those outside The Race nothing")

-- Motto of MEChA, one of the nation's largest publically-funded
organizations with cells on high school and college campuses across the USA
(Note: Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez says he "used to be" a
¡$How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico¡"
By John Dillin


  ¡$General Eisenhower ... quoted a report in The New York Times,
highlighting one paragraph that said: ¡ØThe rise in illegal border-crossing
by Mexican 'wetbacks' to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year
has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending
all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the
highest levels of the Federal Government ..."

  ¡$Herbert Brownell Jr., Eisenhower's first attorney general, said the
president had a sense of urgency about illegal immigration when he took office.

  ¡$America ¡Øwas faced with a breakdown in law enforcement on a very large
scale,¡| Mr. Brownell said. ¡ØWhen I say large scale, I mean hundreds of
thousands were coming in from Mexico [every year] without
Just two of MANY American cops murdered by illegals:

"Unfortunately, the majority of illegal aliens who are here are
engaged in criminal activity. Identity theft, use of fraudulent Social
Security numbers and green cards, tax evasion, driving without licenses
represent some of the crimes that are engaged in by the majority of illegal
aliens on a daily basis merely to maintain and hide their illegal status.
In addition, violent crime and drug distribution and possession is also
prevalent among illegal aliens. Over 25% of today's federal prison
population are illegal aliens. In some areas of the country, 12% of
felonies, 25% of burglaries and 34% of thefts are committed by illegal

  -- Testimony of District Attorney John M. Morganelli before the House
Subcommittee on Immigration, Border, Security and Claims [Note: 99% of
warrants for murder in Los Angeles, California -- the USA's 2nd
most-populous city -- are for illegal aliens]

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless
minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
   -- Samuel Adams

"¡$All great truths begin as heresies.¡"

  -- Former Democrat Governor of Colorado Richard Lamm, official of
      Defend Colorado Now, a movement opposed to illegal immigration
      and public services for illegal aliens

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